Cooperation with the Sejm Chancellery

A permanent agreement was signed in September 2012 between the Jagiellonian Center for Quantitative Research in Political Science and the Chancellery of the Sejm (the lower house of Polish Parliament). The agreement enables the Center to receive the data gathered by the IT Department of the Sejm Chancellery in the course of normal operations and to obtain additional data for special research (for the purposes of the ongoing research projects).

Within the cooperation framework, the Center is informed about the development plans of the Sejm databases computer system, which makes it possible to adapt the research plans and the investments in infrastructure to the future structure of these databases (e.g. in terms of manual data encoding, which may significantly improve the financial management of many research projects). On the other hand, the solutions regarding the structure of ISQAL system worked out by the Center are made available to the IT Department of the Sejm Chancellery, to be used to further expand its databases.

Collaboration with the Foundation "Law and Politics Research Center"

Under the agreement with the Law and Politics Research Center ("Ośrodek Badań Nad Prawem i Polityką") the Jagiellonian Center for Quantitative Research in Political Science has become its main partner in the project The Platform of Empirical Political Science, funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of the Knowledge Dissemination Funds.

The Platform is aimed to become a virtual center for academic cooperation and information exchange between researchers carrying out empirical studies on politics. The main objective of the Platform is to create a collaboration network between research institutions that use it to exchange the gathered data. The coordination of data exchange should also contribute to the unification of data coding standards, which would prevent the situation in which researchers encode the same data several times, creating incompatible sets. Besides, the undertaking can serve the promotion of the subjects involved and lead to the dissemination of knowledge about their research.