Employment opportunities

As an institution funded exclusively from grants, the Center for Quantitative Research in Political Science does not employ permanent staff. Yet, it is possible to be temporarily employed within the framework of one of the grants. The information about vacancies and the recruitment is available in the News section.

The research staff working at the Center's projects is organized into a three-level hierarchy: senior researchers, researchers and junior researchers. The seniors' role is to manage the projects and their teams. Junior researchers are interns who carry out the delegated tasks. The intermediate level: researchers are the people who work at the projects independently, but do not perform any managerial functions (usually PhDs, sometimes doctoral students).  Researchers and senior researchers can be temporarily employed at the Center as part of a grant carried out within the networking system or as individual research.

An unpaid internship is the primary form of students' and doctoral students' collaboration with the Center. Although the interns are not offered any money for their work, we do our best to provide them with the opportunity to enter the world of professional science: the best of them are given more autonomy in their research work and can be offered temporal employment as researchers in one of the projects.

Internships at the Center

The standard internship is three-months long and requires 5-10 hours of work per week. The interns' basic tasks include:

  • data coding
  • press research
  • creating bibliographic databases

Completing the internship is tantamount to the completion of student work placement at the JU Faculty of International and Political Studies. Besides, the interns have an opportunity to take part in a special course on the use of quantitative data in social studies.

After completing the standard internship, it is possible to take part in the prolonged internship. Its participants are required to work for the Center for about one year (the amount and precise time of work of each intern are discussed individually). During this period, they are assigned topics for individual research and, if they prove to be highly competent, can become co-authors of a publication. Selected junior researchers can be offered membership in a grant project team (and be entitled to remuneration).

The benefits of the standard internship include:

  • chance to improve one's knowledge
  • inside look at interdisciplinary research in political science
  • better knowledge of group work organization methods
  • training on the use of computer tools and databases
  • participation in an additional course
  • opportunity to complete the student work placement

The benefits of the prolonged internship include:

  • participation in research work
  • participation in the seminar for junior researchers
  • familiarity with the research methods and techniques
  • opportunity for becoming a co-author of a publication
  • opportunity for participation in a research project (and receiving additional points in the admission to doctoral programs)
  • acquisition of knowledge on how to obtain research grants

The recruitment for internships is open all-year round for all students (of any program). The applicants are required to submit a short CV (1 page), information about their grade point average and a short description of their personal interests to: justyna.pogon@uj.edu.pl, with "STAŻ CBIP" in the subject line.