Besides its own research, the Jagiellonian Centre for Quantitative Research in Political Science is involved in network collaboration, which consists in establishing independent teams of researchers from different academic institutions, interested in interdisciplinary collaboration within particular projects. The teams are formed by the Centre or by the researchers who want to run their own projects with the help of infrastructure and human resources of the Centre.

The network collaboration offer is especially addressed to young researchers who have ambitious ideas that require teamwork to be put into practice.

The authors of the research projects involved in network collaboration can be provided with:

  • IT infrastructure
  • IT support to the project
  • access to specific data, including the ISQAL system
  • junior researchers delegated to work on the project
  • assistance from experts in statistics
  • administrative support to the project
  • advice and administrative support in writing grant applications
  • in special cases - partial financial assistance
  • inspiring and interdisciplinary work environment.

Requirements from the projects interested in receiving the Centre's Support:

  • The presented project must correspond to the priorities and fields of research listed in the current Research Strategy of the Centre.
  • After the project finishes, the Centre will retain access to the data gathered during the project.
  • The coding standards must meet the Centre's requirements.
  • The project must offer synergy effect to the research conducted within the framework of the Centre's own research.
  • We prefer the grant applications to be submitted through our Centre (which results in the Centre becoming the implementing institution). However, this is not a necessary condition.   

The use of the Centre's infrastructure can substantially reduce the cost of the grant, which increases the chances for receiving it. The presence of all members of the research team in Kraków is not necessary to carry out the project within the framework of network collaboration. The centre uses special remote working tools, including its own original system to manage projects via a virtual platform.

The persons interested in running projects within network collaboration framework should submit their applications via e-mail to: Please use the forms enclosed below (Polish version only):

Form 1 – project description

Form 2 – collaboration rules