Available data sets

Data on legislative bills

  • authorship (with identification of specific minister or ministers for government bills)
  • political affiliation of the sponors
  • legislative history - committee / floor actions (reports, markup, readings, etc.)
  • special tagging for bills implementing EU legislation, authorizing the President to ratify treaties, and making amendments to other bills
  • result of the legislative process

(available since 2001)

Roll call vote data

  • individual recorded votes
  • summaries for parliamentary groups
  • subject matter
  • link to the bill / amendment / motion under consideration

(available since 2001)

Other data

  • Sejm's orders of the day (since 2001)
  • individual members' data, including electoral results, voting record, and partisan affiliation (since 1997)
  • electoral data (candidate lists, voting results) (since 1991)